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Wodeu Intro

What is Wodeu?

Wodeu makes interactive reading possible by analyzing and processing Korean articles from the web.

The application applies language processing algorithms on article excerpts to highlight relevant content and add interactivity for language learners (translations, text-to-speech, integrated vocabulary trainer via spaced repetition and more).

Latest Update v.2.0.1+102

This update concludes the beta phase, thanks to all the testers!

Preword: The ad-banner has been removed for a smoother experience. The vocabulary trainer will now instead have interstitial ads showing after a session. I’ve not really done the calculations yet, but hope that this will be enough to offset server and service costs for now.

  • Added introductory pages for first-time users
  • Added bottom navigation and replaced the drawer
    • Home
      • Added quick menus
      • Updated articles card layouts
      • Updated news categories
    • Article storage
      • Added search
      • Updated bookmarking behavior
    • Vocabulary storage
      • Updated bookmarking behavior
    • Study tab
      • Quick link to vocabulary trainer
      • Overview of study tools
    • More tab
      • Miscellaneous links
  • Added preview box to the settings page
  • Added text-to-speech setup guide
  • Added hangul chart and updated previous guide
  • Updated article processing
    • Huge improvements in translation accuracy
    • Added splitting into particle structures
    • Added inflection determination
  • Updated article view
    • Added text margin option
    • Added underlining particles option
    • Added additional link to source under text
    • Updated reading highlighting behavior
    • Updated bottom-sheet layout
  • Updated vocabulary trainer
    • Added text-to-speech to cards
    • Added additional quick menus
    • Updated SRS algorithm
    • Fixed quick menu mismatch
  • Updated scrolling behavior
  • Other fixes
    • Fixed bookmarking mismatch
    • Fixed local database crashes
    • Fixed certain pages not loading at all
    • Fixed crash when loading certain pages


  • Hangul charts
  • Verb conjugator
  • Hangulizer & Romanizer
  • SRS/Flash card learning
  • Integrated text-to-speech
  • Offline article and vocabulary bookmarking
  • Built-in article translation and analyzation

Translation Contribution

Contribute to translations via https://github.com/Gimu/wodeu-app.

Upcoming Features