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Companion for BDO Intro

What is Companion for BDO?

An unofficial helper for the popular MMORPG Black Desert Online. The easiest and most convenient option to open recipes, calculators, boss timers and more.



  • Added Mastery Calculator
  • Added Mastery Table
  • Updated world map
  • Updated grinding table
  • Updated databases
  • Updated boss timer notification scheduling mechanism
  • Fixed database icons
  • Fixed notification issues on certain Android devices

Changes for previous versions can be viewed inside the app.


  • World Map
  • Ingame Timers
  • Boss Timers (NA/EU/SA/SEA/RU/KR/JP/TW/TH/MENA) + notifications
  • Cooking, Alchemy, Processing, Workshop Database + calculators + bookmarking
  • Horse Breeding Calculator
  • Horse Leveling Calculator
  • Market Calculator
  • Enhancement Calculator
  • Enhancement Chart
  • Grinding Chart
  • Horse Chart

Translation Contributions

You can contribute to translations via the official repository found at

Upcoming Features